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Patient Words...

Patti Huebner Testimonial
Deb Bergeron Testimonial
Stephanie Sorensen Testimonial

When talking with Laura she took the time to listen to me, my symptoms and my goals for how I wish I felt. She explained how she could help and walked me through what my treatment plan would look like. I was surprised by the vast array of conditions and symptoms she could treat. Laura has been very empathetic and caring throughout all of my treatment sessions. She truly cares about her patients and wants to see them get better.

I am now done with my treatments and I haven't had a UC flare since. I'm amazed. Though I was skeptical at first, I'm glad I did it. It's one of the best decisions I've made for my health. I'm so thankful for Laura and her NSRT. 

To those who are skeptical, as I was, I'm telling you I recommend it 100%.

NSRT has had a life changing effect on my allergies and my ability to live a normal life. Not only has this impacted my allergies positively, but it has also been a game changer for my narcolepsy. I have energy even after a long day of work. My overall health has improved drastically. I am so glad I gave NSRT a chance and I will never look further if my allergies do get worse then Laura's services. Thank you Laura for being the beautiful human you are and providing me with a life-time of relief. 

Laura is an amazing and caring person. Neurological stress reduction therapy has changed my life! I feel better than I've felt in years. My chronic pain is much better than any pill I've tried. I had been to many drs over the years to seek help for my pain and other symptoms. This therapy has helped me more than anything I've been prescribed over the years and its all natural! I highly recommend Natural Health and Allergy.

Patient Success Stories!

I analyzed Shannon via the Qi5 and found she had sensitivity/allergy to FLUORIDE! She has been using it in her toothpaste, swishing with oral liquid and having it painted on her teeth at her dentist. She is now off fluoride and she is on top of the world.  She tells everyone she encounters.  She has never felt so "amazing"!

I had a lady come in that had cancer removed from her head in Nov. 2020. She saw me in Mar. 2021 as the wound wasn't healing. I lasered the area with a few different codes and by her second visit the wound was over 75% healed. 


I had a 2 year old girl with Mollescum Contagiosum. It is a viral skin infection that results in round, firm, painless bumps. I used the virus frequency with the laser and hooked her up to the QI-5 with the virus protocol and it was disappearing within 2 visits. Mom stated that her older two children had it when they were young and it lasted two years! She was amazed at the progress and how fast they cleared up.

belly before laser.jpg

I personally suffered with a Hiatal Hernia for over 10+ years. I had severe abdominal pain, lots of belching and pure misery during an episode. I would get episodes about twice a month. If it happened near bed time I would be up all night suffering as the pain was too bad to lie down. When I received the laser I used the H. Hernia frequency code for a total of 8 minutes. IT WAS GONE!!! I've not had an episode in over ayear! 

belly after laser.jpg

This family came to see me to help this sweet little girl with her dog allergy so they could get a dog. She saw me 4 times and the family sent this picture to me. So happy for them all!


This little guy couldn't be happier after his therapy for ear infection, food and seasonal allergies.