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Our Services

Are you overwhelmed with your symptoms and don't know where to turn? Come in for your 30 minute complimentary consultation about how our cutting edge system can talk to the body in 3-5 minutes, identifying top stressors and top supporters to get you on the road to recovery FAST! You won't believe the transforming advancements this system brings to your well-being. Skip the needles and waiting for test results, discover answers right from your very first visit. This system is unlike any other system you've seen.

Initial Complimentary Consultation

30 Minutes


30 min. Session

Trust in the hands of an expert Registered Nurse, Laura will oversee the complimentary consultation session, ensuring you receive a personalized and professional symptoms assessment. She will listen to your health journey and provide a tailored evaluation during your session.


Please print and bring with you the new patient questionnaire + consent form. If you're unable to print them we have copies at the office. 

Therapy Visits (1-10)

45 Minutes


Each Session

At the beginning of each session we will perform an advanced bioenergetic assessment to adjust your program as your body balances. Utilizing frequencies + Low Level Light Therapy, your custom program is presented to the body at a profound level through the laser light that communicates directly with the body supporting balance and whole body wellness.

Aura PTL II Laser/Pet Visits/Trapped Emotion Removal Visits

30 Minutes


Each Session

Stop Smoking/Nicotine Program

30 Minutes/ 3 visits within 7 days.


For All 3 Sessions

The Awakendmind by BrainTap/Opus Frequency Bed

25 Minutes


Each Session

All programs have supportive supplement recommendations
Heading 6

The QI-5 multi-channel scan tests you utilizing thousands of specific micro-frequencies to provide an overall stress pattern of the organs and systems of your body. In essence, the reports are looking at the status of your body's communication network, which runs throughout an extensive matrix of connective tissue. The stress values for each organ or system reflect the demand for resources to maintain efficient communication to and through that area of the body. Higher numbers indicate a higher demand for resources and a greater stress to that area (not to the organ itself).

We develop a plan specific to supporting your body’s overall wellness. EveryBODY is unique. The program consists of 10 visits. Keep in mind that natural healing can take time. You may not experience wellness overnight, but you may notice slight changes in your health after just one visit. Dramatic results are often manifested within a very short period of time.

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