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The Body Balance Journey










Initial Consultation (approx. 90 minutes)

(Your first therapy is included)

During your initial consultation visit we will discuss the new patient questionnaire + consent form that we ask you to print, complete and bring with you when you come in. Then we will perform your first advanced bioenergetic assessment. This assessment allows your body to tell us what it needs to bring it back into balance + identifying the top stressors + top supporters needed to do so. From there we will create a customized body balancing program using the information your body provided. 

Follow up Therapy Visits (approx. 45 minutes)

At the beginning of each session we will perform an advanced bioenergetic assessment to adjust your program as your body balances. Utilizing frequencies + Low Level Light Therapy, your custom program is presented to the body at a profound level through the laser light that communicates directly with the body + supporting balance and whole body wellness.

Natural Health and Allergy

Natural Health and Allergy

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What to Expect

Initial Consultation
First Therapy Visit

90 minutes

one time fee

Follow Up Therapy visits

45 Minutes

each session


Aura PTL II Laser Visits/ Pet Visits/Trapped Emotion Therapy

30 Minutes

each session


 Stop Smoking/
Nicotine Program


30 Minutes
3 sessions within 7 days

for all 3 session


The Awakendmind by Brain Tap

25 Minutes

 each session


All programs have supplement recommendations

How it works

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The QI-5 multi-channel scan tests you utilizing thousands of specific micro-frequencies to provide an overall stress pattern of the organs and systems of your body. In essence, the reports are looking at the status of your body's communication network, which runs throughout an extensive matrix of connective tissue. The stress values for each organ or system reflect the demand for resources to maintain efficient communication to and through that area of the body. Higher numbers indicate a higher demand for resources and a greater stress to that area (not to the organ itself).

We develop a plan specific to supporting your body’s overall wellness. EveryBODY is unique. The program consist of 12 visits. Keep in mind that natural healing can take time. You may not experience wellness overnight + but you may notice slight changes in your health after just one visit + dramatic results are often manifested within a very short period of time.

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Tel: 715.450.2186

Address: 3119 Golf Road, Suite 103, Eau Claire WI, 54701

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