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Unexplainable symptoms? It could be parasites...

Updated: May 5

Parasite that came out of a young child

Understanding and Combating Parasites. Parasites are organisms that live on or in a host organism, often causing harm while deriving nutrients from their hosts. In the context of human health, parasites can be found in various forms, including worms, protozoa, and insects like lice or mites. While the thought of having a parasite can be unsettling, understanding how they affect our health and what natural remedies can combat them can be empowering. Parasites enter the human body through contaminated food, water, or insect bites. Once inside, they can cause a range of symptoms such as digestive issues, fatigue, skin irritations, and more severe complications if left unchecked. Parasites don't just live in the gut, they can be anywhere in the body like the eyes, brain, throat, lungs, and more. They can be the cause of Chron's, Colitis, Auto Immune, Ulcers, Bladder issues, floaters in eyes, Psoriasis and Eczema, anxiety, hair loss and much more. Fortunately, several natural approaches can help prevent and eliminate parasitic infections. Dietary changes are a key step. Incorporating foods with anti-parasitic properties, like garlic, ginger, and pumpkin seeds, can help create an environment inhospitable to parasites. Herbal remedies such as wormwood and black walnut are known for their antiparasitic effects, and regular use can help cleanse the body. Maintaining good hygiene, washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly, and ensuring safe drinking water are fundamental preventative measures. Natural health practices aim to strengthen the body's defenses while eliminating parasites in a way that aligns with holistic wellness. Have you seen multiple practitioners with some strange symptoms, and you're told you are fine, but you know you're not! It is very possible you have a parasitic infection. Consult Natural Health and Allergy to discuss your symptoms and develop an affective natural treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms. And NO you're not crazy!

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